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Our floriculture assortment

We provide flowers, plants and additional goods for wholesales, garden centers, retail, wedding and event orders, landscaping and cultivate products.

Think of chrysanthemum, lilium, roses, cut green, tulips, cactus, succulents, phalaneopsis, orchids, pottery, ceramics, and many more. But also trees, flower bulbs and seeds.

In addition to our standard range of products based on supply and season, we have also close cooperation with suppliers in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

Floriculture inspiration

We provide an extensive selection of flowers, plants, trees, bulbs, seeds, and related merchandise for wholesale, garden centers, and retail outlets. Our offerings cater to various needs, including wedding and event orders, landscaping projects, and cultivation endeavors.


Among our diverse inventory, you'll find an array of floral options such as chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, cut greens, tulips, and orchids. We also offer a variety of trees, cacti, succulents, phalaenopsis, and both indoor and outdoor flowering and green plants. Our range extends beyond botanicals to include pottery, ceramics, and an assortment of other gardening essentials. Furthermore, we supply flower bulbs and seeds to support your planting ventures.


In addition to our standard product range, which is subject to availability and seasonal variations, we maintain close partnerships with suppliers in the Netherlands, Europe, and worldwide. This collaboration ensures that we can consistently offer high-quality products and access unique botanical specimens from around the globe.


Whether you're a retailer looking to stock your shelves, a landscaper designing outdoor spaces, or an individual planning a special event, we aim to meet your floral and horticultural needs with excellence and reliability.

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