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Our contribution to
the flowers and plants industry


With our strategy we aim to fulfil the mission and vision of being a global export company known for its high quality products, excellent service and positive contribution to the flower and plant sector around the world.

"Professional, transparent and partner rather than supplier"

Our client in Morocco | shipments by road

"I did not have specific doubts about Nosa Flora or Ahmed when we started working together, because Ahmed immediately understood my needs, knew how to answer them, and most importantly had the experience of dealing with Morocco and its specificities in terms of phyto and admin requirements."

"It is indeed very pleasant to do business with Nosa Flora in general, and with Ahmed specifically, because he always does his best to fulfill my needs. Sometimes I have specific requests, or urgent requests that need to be addressed quickly and Ahmed is always responding positively to them. For my company, Nosa Flora is much more than a supplier, it is a Partner that we can rely on."

"Another positive point is transparency : Nosa Flora has always been very transparent and honest in its pricing policy. I have never had a surprise, which is important for me because I can calculate all my costs in advance and plan my sales accordingly.

Last, it is very pleasant to work with Ahmed because he is very easy-going, friendly, and really tries his best to fulfill his customers needs. Not only with me, but with all his customers, as I witnessed it many times when I met him in Holland. "


Our Mission

Our mission as a worldwide export company is to provide high quality products with excellent service build on good relationships.

“We love to provide flowers and plants that exceed expectations and grow passion for greenery.”

Our Vision

We want to give our customers a great experience and continue to contribute to the growth of the flower and plant industry around the world.

“Flowers and plants for everyone.“

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Our goals

We strive to provide the best quality products to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.
We enable our team to provide excellent service, with customer satisfaction as our top priority.
We create long-term relationships with customers by offering a personal approach and customized solutions.
We work together with suppliers and other partner companies, who share the same standard of quality and service.
We strive to expand our market share and thus contribute to growing the flower and plant industry worldwide.